Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ready, Set, Grow!

What are you doing to help improve yourself and grow right now?

When I looked up the definition for "grow" I found some key phrases: "To increase. To arise. To expand. To come to be. To become mature. To become experienced."

How do you want to grow?

The opposite of growing is dying. The key phrases there were: "To cease to live. To lose force, strength or active qualities. To become indifferent. To become weaker, fainter and then cease."

Are you allowing yourself to die off unnecessarily?

Do the people in your life help you feel alive and happy or are you allowing them to keep you from reaching your potential?

Growing and dying are not just physical concepts. Are you taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally or are you, as the definition said, "indifferent"?

It's easy to become complacent. After all, change and growth require dedication and work. I suppose it comes down to making a decision about the quality of life you desire; getting by vs. THRIVING.

Life is all about questions and answers. I believe the key to living fully is constantly seeking knowledge, learning from what we find and then applying what we learn. After all, knowing something or having an idea isn't actually anything until we DO something with it.

How many great ideas have you let go because you never pursued them? What could have happened if you did?

Inner growth and change is the same way. We can have thoughts and ideas about what we'd like to improve, but until we actually take action, not much happens. Actually, not taking action may even make our current state worse.

This month's column features simple exercises and techniques that can help you with your self-improvement goals. Don't wait... click HERE to get started.

May you always grow, live and thrive.

Best wishes,

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