Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hear No Evil, See No Evil - How Absolutely Disgusting

Bravo to Keira Knightly for being a part of the Women's Aid ad campaign to help raise awareness about domestic violence.

Amazingly, the video is receiving criticism for going "too far" and being "ugly" and "violent". Um, hello?! What the hell do these genius critics think domestic violence is? Pretty?

Part of the problem with our society, in my opinion, is the fact that so many people choose to ignore the truth and would rather not be upset by such images.

You should be upset. It should piss you off immensely that there is probably a woman in your neighborhood, school, work, church or even family that is being hit, yelled at, threatened, living in constant fear, stress and uncertainty and yet still this topic is shunned as seemingly "too disturbing to acknowledge" by so many, maybe even you.

The most disturbing and "ugly" decision is the one that chooses not to listen, see or speak the truth about an epidemic we can work together to overcome. Domestic violence really happens to real women - this video is no where near an exaggeration - it's just that most women are too scared and ashamed to admit it and most suspecting "friends" would rather not be "disturbed"... how very sad and frankly, sickening.

Silence, ignorance and inaction are disgusting, not a video raising awareness.


Cinda said...

Bravo, Barb! Violence can only be confronted through shining a light on it. When it is hidden, it cannot be dealt with. It grows in silence, in fear and in secrecy. Yes, it is hard to see it and yes there are some people who use it to make money, but pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make it go away. Keep shining that light Barb!

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