Friday, April 3, 2009

A Time To Yell Louder

What are you doing to help stop violence against women and support female empowerment?

Are you living as a positive example?
Each one of us has the opportunity and potential to be a part of the solution.

In my full Inspired article A Time To Mourn, A Time To Heal, A Time To Yell Louder I address this idea as well as the idea that there is a dire need to usher in some higher quality role-model starlets - Hollywood needs an overhaul.

*Artwork by Detroit's own Niagara.

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Sifu Cinda Hocking said...

Thanks for the reminder, Barb! How easy to forget that our deeds are even more powerful than our words. We can say a lot of good stuff, but what are we DOING to show our support, solidarity, and sisterhood? Are we modeling self-respect or just talking about it? Take some steps to, as Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world". The small stuff adds up! Cinda Hocking